SOIL SERIES: A Social Drawing is a project developed by artists Francesca Fiore and Hillary Wagner with the help of poet Matthew Kosinski. The project is in partnership with Empower Youth, an organization committed to interrupting cycles of poverty among the youth of Bethel, Ohio.

Establishing this formerly-agricultural Appalachian community as the site of their expansive “Social Drawing”, the artists of SOIL SERIES have developed a methodology towards community health through a deep investigation of place starting at the level of the soil. Identifying soil as the connective vein through which nutrients travel to the land and its inhabitants, SOIL SERIES: A Social Drawing seeks to reestablish networks of nourishment, imagining the artistic act as one of connecting, understanding, bridging, and building.

For more information on SOIL SERIES: A Social Drawingcontact us or visit us at the Empower Youth Ranch.

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